MFI CIA - Azerbaijan - 6% p.a. loan in USD for beekeepers

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Loan for Gasimzade Aliniyaz living in Massali region, about 250 km from Baku. His main source of income is bee keeping. The loan will be used for a purchase of wood building materials.
Repayment USD623
Loan USD588
Interest USD35
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Gasimzade A. Aliniyaz lives in Masalli region (246 km to Baku) and involved in beekeeping activity. The potential borrower lives in the conditions of the high humidity for such activities. Around the area he resides in, there are many gardens , which has a positive impact on the life of bees. The borrower has 12 hives in each bee colony lives. Each hive has 12-14 frames. As you probably know, one bee family gives a product twice a year. From each frame takes 4 kg  of organic honey during a year (60% for selling =2.4kg).60% of the product (374.4 kg of honey) left for the bees for nourishment, 5% =31.2 kg remains for the personal use and 35% of honey (from  4-5 frames =218.4 kg) is preparing for selling. The selling price of honey in the local markets is 20AZN, the borrower sells honey in bulk at a price of 17AZN. 

Photo gallery: https://flic.kr/s/aHskqwwEe4

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