Comenzar 5.5% p.a. - Solar energy microfinancing

Product code: MICMXCOMENE12M
Microfinance loan of min. 300 USD - 1050 USD provided for a 12 months period financing of complete solar energy island system, which includes 500 W solar energy source, providing 2.6 kWh per day and 78 kWh per month.
Repayment USD530
Loan USD500
Interest USD30
Price / kg:
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Many potential customers without access to electricity have trouble mobilizing sufficient capital to buy solar products. Microfinance loans for solar products can increase sales and allow solar enterprises to reach clients with low or irregular incomes.

This particular system to financed by Comenzar will provide  two 60 Amerisolar® 270W photovoltaic modules with 60 polycrystalline cells, one MS127-500W APS® 127Vca / 500W microinverter, mounting system frame pack for 2 modules SCHLETTER brand made of anodized aluminum AL6005 and 304 Stainless Steel, wiring, screws, pavers, cabinets and protections as well as will finance labor engineering, labor, commissioning according to the norm NOM-001-SEDE-Vigente and formalities before the Mexican energy authority.  

Original installation evaluation can be downloaded over here.