Homeless Migration


Homeless Migration is a documentary focused on the life of Carlos Davis Reséndiz and his friends. Carlos is better known as "the Red Tiger of Sonora". El Tigre is a 58-year-old Mexican immigrant who lives on the street under the Štvanice Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. A doctor by profession in his native Mexico, a painter and a sculptor by nature, El Tigre Rojo shows us how a foreigner lives, a homeless man by choice, on the streets of Prague. Besides, he has a strange vision he needs to communicate to the world. 

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Savings with cooperative at 7% p.a., supported by loan agreement.The working capital loan is used to repay farmers after harvest and bridge the time gap between harvest and sale.
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Tosepan Titataniske is a cooperative based in Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico. It consists of 8 regional cooperatives and 3 associations in a democratic system. It groups 34,000 families, mostly from the Totonaca and Nahuatl communities. These indigenous civilizations are part of what is known as "deep Mexico," which holds the old wisdom about life and human relationships with nature. Totonac's philosophy has been shared around the world with the famous book "Four Agreements" by Miguel Ángel Ruiz Macías. In their interaction, they have respect for natural forces and balance.

The reason why coffee plantations are designed to mimic natural ecosystems and arrange them in, among other things, forest plants and trees such as peppers, vanilla, red and pink cedar and mahogany. It therefore forms a very rich agroecosystem, a habitat of 150 species of trees and 180 species of birds. Organized forest landscape management to protect biodiversity, their culture, their traditions, create jobs and knowledge. Thanks to this strategy, forest vegetation has been successfully restored from artificial grasslands to more complex agroforestry systems.

Strengthening ecosystem services by increasing biodiversity levels, CO2 absorption, soil formation, water retention and microclimate regulation. In addition to coffee, it is also the basis for the production of sugar, cinnamon, mushrooms and honey from domestic bees. In addition, plants are used for their medicinal and herbal properties. Tosepan Titataniske has developed one of the best examples of successful sustainability models in Mexico and in the world for coffee production. With your investment in afforestation of coffee plantations, Tosepan domestic farmers would have the funds to expand the forest area, creating more ecosystem, economic, social and cultural services. It is also an investment in combating global warming and strengthening, expanding and expanding this model of sustainability.

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