Renovation of coffee plantations - 7% p.a.

Coffee plantations need renewal every 50-60 years. This requires investment, but allows a return on investment.
Coffee plantations renovation in the traditional agroforestry system of Tosepan
Loan amount: $40.15
Variant price modifier:
Amount to be repaid: $42.96
Interest: $2.81

Tosepan Titataniske is a cooperative based in Cuetzalan, Puebla, Mexico. Formed by 8 regional cooperatives and 3 associations in a democratic system. Grouping 34,000 families, which are mainly from Totonaca and Nahuatl communities. These indigenous civilizations are part of what is known as the "deep Mexico", holding ancient wisdom about life and human relation with nature. Totonac philosophy has been shared worldwide with the famous book "the four agreements" by Miguel Ángel Ruiz Macías.

In their cosmovision, they have respect for natural forces and equilibrium.  Reason why coffee plantations are designed by mimicking natural ecosystems, arranging it among other plants and trees of the forest such as pepper trees, vanilla trees, red and pink cedar, and mahogany. Thus, they form a very rich agroecosystem, a habitat of 150 species of trees and 180 species of birds. Managing the forest landscape in an organized way to protect biodiversity, their culture, their traditions, create jobs and knowledge. 

Thanks to this strategy, forest vegetation has been restored with success from artificial grasslands to more complex agroforestry systems. Enhancing the ecosystem services by increasing the level of biodiversity, CO2 uptake, soil formation, water retention, and microclimate regulation. Besides coffee, it is as well the base for sugar, cinnamon, mushrooms, and native bees honey production. Moreover, plants are used for their medicine and herbology properties. 

Tosepan Titataniske has developed one of the best examples of successful sustainability models in Mexico and in the world for coffee production. With your investment in reforestation of coffee plantations, indigenous farmers from Tosepan would have financial means to extend the area of forest, generating more ecosystem, economic, social and cultural services. It is as well an investment to fight against Global Warming and to boost, scale-up and spread this model of sustainability. 



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