Our key project is the Interests In Coffee, which we developed in cooperation with the Mexican Tosepan cooperative and Czech importers. The principle is simple. The investor will support the Tosepan cooperative, respectively. its business unit Maseual Xicaualis S.C.L.  with a financial injection generating the interest of 7% p.a. The capital is used to renovate the coffee plantations that are grown in the restored forest ecosystems. Money moves to the recovery of the tropical misty forest, which benefits biodiversity as well as Climate Change. Tosepan's co-workers plan fifty years ahead and think of nature as well as education and social justice. Interest to European supporters is paid in the form of coffee beans grown by cooperatives in Tosepan, which is imported at a wholesale price. With a loan of CZK 20,000, the investor gets every two months a kilo of coffee beans grown on plantations, which also supports financially. The circle is closing. Comparative benefits are added together.

Savings coffee Tosepan

An opportunity to buy truly sustainable coffee from the Tosepan cooperative in Mexico. Your purchase will act as an investment into reforestation and can be applied as a discount on a future purchase.




1. After the purchase of savings coffee of 1 kg  Maseual Tosepan. 

2. The client sends an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the code, name, and address of delivery and a personal savings account will be opened.

3. 10 % out of the purchase will be transferred to a Tosepan cooperative fund, where it will be used for renovation of coffee plantations, in shadow leading to reforestation.

4. The fund will be valorized every year by 7%.

5. Before the next purchase, the client sends an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and the interest will be applied as a discount. Unused interest will keep increasing the fund. The savings will be generating interests as long as Tosepan will exist.


With the purchase of Tosepan coffee:

► You support ecological production of coffee that reforests and thus combats climate change and the reduction of important biodiversity

► The added value is left in the regions in development as the product is roasted locally and the profit is shared meritocratically between families

► Savings are created at a robust interest

► A high-quality product at a good price is provided





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