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USAEC 8% p.a. shared risk loan

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A union of 178 beekepers from Yucatan peninsula is joining partnerships under the auspices of CCMSS. They request financing for the creation of community shop with honey products in municipality of Xpujil. This way, the producers will be able to sell their products directly to clientele. The interest is to be paid only in average or better season.
Repayment 480 €
Loan 445 €
Interest 36 €
Price / kg:
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A union of 181 beekepers from Yucatan peninsula is joining partnerships under the auspices of CCMSS. The organization of Unión de Sociedades Apícolas Ecológicas de Calakmul USPR de RL was formed in 2011. The target of the organization is the following one: to strengthen honey-bee rural production societies which integrate the union through training, , technology transfer, assessment, merchandizing of products, and subproducts, industrial inputs, and other equipment in order to allow honey-bee producers - conventional and organic - strengthen production and commercialization in the region, in regional markets, national and international, obtaining fair prices, which impact the process of sustainable development in Calakmul breaking dependencies with brokers, and becoming the organizational axis of honey-bee production in Campeche.

USAEC is always open to the possibility of new associates as long as they achieve the following criteria: 1) at least 70% of total production must be sold to USAEC, 2) they must possess more than 20 beecolonies, 3) the producer must avoid the usage of agrochemicals, 4) the member must keep financial obligations with USAEC.

Organic practice training is available to the associates that are willing to certify their production. USAEC also is promoting the creation of communitarian groups for saving and lending.

The moral aval of the organisation is Mexican NGO Consejo Civil (

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