First loan transformed into beehives

First loan from a European lender Ms. Zemanova of 700 USD just transformed into 6 beehives last night. The installation of 6 new beehives was done at night due to the circadian rhythm of bees. These beehives will be kept by young apprentices of U Lool Che cooperative, who will study how to become beekeepers. The transformation of idle money into productive assets with undeniable environment protection, job creation and education potential was made possible due to a visionary collaboration of Mexican NGO Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostenible and Czech p2p platform We speak about an original product with high potential and several unseen potential, generous 6% yield potential and risks limited to droughts and organizational prowess of U Lool Che. 

Paulina Garrido Bonilla, new boss of Tosepan coop
Climatic Fund of Yucatan Peninsula founded

Sustainable support paid back with interest