Nice interest of 8% p.a. shared risk loan - offered by USAEC to investors

The beekeeper cooperative USAEC requests financing for the creation of community shop with honey products in municipality of Xpujil, in Yucatan peninsula. The product is an innovation, as the investors will share harvest risk with the cooperative. 8% p.a. is a nice yield, is however conditioned by the harvest which must be considered average to pay the promised yield. In dry years bees produce less and the interest will be adjusted correspondingly. Last year harvest was weak, this and the next year are expected to be normal. 

The loan will be used to create a retail shop for members of the union. This way, the producers will be able to sell their products directly to clientele in Xpujil and will not lose added value across the selling chain. 

The secretary of USAEC, Antonio, during daily work.

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