Membership in cooperatives

Membership in cooperatives implies becoming shareholder of a cooperative with one vote right, which permits you to save together with the other members. According to your decision you can either input one sun or contribute periodically smaller amounts. Apart from the guaranteed interest income, there are shared dividends, in successful year. The members have the right to participate in general meeting and thus have a direct impact on management of entitywhich consists of farmers, small producers and villagers and decides democratically on the profit sharing and strategy. The visit of general meeting is thus an interesting tourist and cultural endeavour.


Savings of the savers help to many poor families through transparent and democratic process. However, the main advantage of the cooperatives is the limit of votes per person, which inhibits concentration of power and capital to few shareholders. The wealth is then distributed among members equally.


The enabled membership to foreigners through such channel is an unseen innovation created by, still not existing anywhere else.

Sustainable support paid back with interest